New Danish initiative to connect startups with East Asian Venture Capital

A new project supported by The Danish Industry Foundation will connect Danish and Nordic VCs to East Asian investors and Limited Partners. The Nordic Asian Venture Alliance (NAVA) will increase funding opportunities for Danish and Nordic startups and enhance their scalability in the fast-growing Asian markets.

The Danish Industry Foundation, in collaboration with Asia House, has announced a new platform, the Nordic Asian Venture Alliance (NAVA), that seeks to address two complementary issues in the Danish startup ecosystem: Lack of funding for larger investment rounds (Series A and above) and lack of access to East Asian funding and market opportunities.

“Historically there has been little involvement by Asian Limited Partners in Danish and Nordic VCs, but we are noticing an increased interest. Working to improve potential investors’ overview of the market and high-quality introductions between them and fund managers will be of value to Danish the ecosystem”

Ida Åsle, Director of Platform from ByFounders

The NAVA project is a collaboration between Asia House, TechBBQ, Copenhagen Capacity and Innovation Centre Denmark in Shanghai and Seoul, and is supported by the Danish Industry Foundation with DKK 5.6 million.