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Sunday, June 26, 2022

New Arctic Look

We’ve been working on our new layout and logo for the last moth or so, and it’s finally ready! The layout and the logo are designed pro bono for ArcticStartup by a good friend Sami Niemelä of Nordkapp.

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Major Thank You to Sami(!) for not only the great job he did with the logo and the layout by capturing the essence of ArcticStartup, but also for being the nice guy he is and tolerating me constantly reminding him on it and breathing on his neck with all the self imposed deadlines that were mainly due to my and Antti’s last minute planning.

We hope that you’ll like our new look and feel as much as we do and you’ll recognize us more easily from our new logo wherever we roam pushing our agenda and reporting on start-ups making headlines. We’ll have some ArcticStartup t-shirts and stickers out soon so you can rock in our new look as well.

Disclosure: I work at Nordkapp during the days, while working on ArcticStartup all my evenings & nights.

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