New 3D Printing Marketplace 3D Burrito Launches From Stockholm

    We’re not in the situation yet where there’s a 3D printer in every home and school, but the race of becoming the dominant platform for sharing and selling designs for 3D objects is getting more and more crowded. In Lithuania we have CGtrader, which we covered in February, and now out of Stockholm 3D Burrito has popped up on the scene.

    “I love to make stuff with my 3D printer, but like most people I’m not a designer,” says Max David, CEO and co-founder. “We created the 3D Burrito marketplace for people like us.”

    The angle they’re going for is to be the “iTunes” for 3D printing, by combining free and paid designs. Sellers retain 70% of their sales through the platform. Anyone can sell within the platform, but their strategy seems to be to highlight premium designers who are selling objects for printing.

    They already highlight Chuck Stover(also known as “Wombat”), who has uploaded his very popular dice made for tabletop gaming, KidMechano, the creator of Modibot, and Joaquin Baldwin, the creator of the animated short “Sebastian´s Voodoo”.

    3D Burrito clearly has a catchy name, but they’ll have to push hard to become the commercial version of Thingverse. Regardless, its an interesting time to start this sort of marketplace. Someone’s going to make a lot of money by being the home of 3D printed objects.