Neverthink TV: the future of TV and the uncompromised secret to staunch willpower

    Life is a matter of choice. We are living in a time of abundance, where one is happy and fulfilled as long as there are options to choose from. Our world has plenty of choices, and we face them every day: do I wear this shirt or that dress? Shall I order sushi or salad? Will I work on this extra task or go to the gym?

    This mind over matter game goes on and on to the point where it gets too much. The moment we get frustrated about making too many decisions over small things, we think “Ah, choices are tough.” What makes them tough is the alternatives that relate. Suddenly we start to carefully analyse each alternative we have, think about what would be right or wrong about this particular alternative, and then notice that our focus, willpower and self-control are gone.

    A pretty large group of psychologists supports that idea that willpower is a limited resource. It’s called ego depletion theory. It can be summarised as “a muscle that can get fatigued from overuse.” Making pointless decisions about unimportant things undermines mental performance. While scientists debate on whether it’s 100% right or wrong some big players are implementing the idea in our day to day lives, and it seems to serve them well.

    I really want to clear my life to make it so that I have to make as few decisions as possible about anything except how to best serve this community,” – Mark Zuckerberg comments on his habit to wear the same outfit over and over again.

    Online content: You’re an addict, so be addicted  

    When it comes to online content the matter of choice becomes even more emerging.  Let’s all agree, we go online for new content all the time. It comes to us from friends, Facebook algorithms, Instagram feeds and so. Media companies and online publishers put lots of effort to create content that looks and feels personal. However, we don’t want to be passive consumers and “eat” whatever comes our way. We have a choice of what do we want to watch, listen, read and see on our social media feed. So we choose again and again to the point when it gets so overwhelming that we need to have breaks every now and then.

    Eliminating choice

    Could online content be one of those things we could drop, to remove decision making and keep our willpower safe? It’s true, not every time we eagerly go online and hunt for new fresh content. Sometimes we find ourselves blindly scrolling down the feed, and that’s ok. Sometimes we don’t want to choose anything – we just want  to sit back, relax and practice “not doing”. So the answer to the question is probably yes, sure, as long as the content is good, and it comes your way instantly. One of the reasons why for example Spotify became successful is that it eliminated the choice of what track to play next. Now we have a solution on what to watch next without going to the search bar.

    New Internet TV

    NeverthinkTV appeared like a jack in the box, and conquered the masses really quickly. The very first announcement on Product Hunt demonstrated a massive interest from the community – about 25% of first time users stick to the newly discovered web channel for more than 30 minutes.

    Neverthink creates a lean back experience pulling in Youtube content on a webpage with minimum functionality and very simple interface. No need to roam around different channels and search for more videos. Everything you need is there for you.

    Its a first world problem, but a very common one – everyone knows how frustrating it is to spend 15min thinking about what to watch on Netflix after a day of work“ – comments Aviv Junno, co-founder and CEO of Neverthink TV.

    What Neverthink did well is that it illuminated the problem choice. If you think Neverthink uses algorithms that generate a feed based on Youtube tags, be advised that 100% of the content is hand picked by the editorial team behind each channel. Real people, including myself, are putting their time daily separating the crap from the awesome.  You can check my Neverthink Space channel if you want to learn something about space. There are plenty of other channels to choose from, including Learn Something, Futurism, Travel and more. 

    The curator element puts Neverthink in a unique position of being both media- and community-centric startup. On one hand Neverthink serves the community by giving an opportunity to learn, discover and contemplate new video content. On the other hand, it creates a platform for its curators to engage with the community in a new way. Both sides are happy, no need to worry about user acquisition. Users come because they want this experience – do nothing and have it all.

    To summarise aforesaid, your willpower is one of the most valued intangible assets you have. Use it for things that matter and leave the burden of choice to content curation services out there. Sit back, relax, turn on Neverthink and start learning new stuff about space or simply have fun watching cat videos. NeverthinkTV mobile app is available on iTunes starting of today.