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This is the second part of our coverage on Estonia, following our recent Baltic tour. If you’d like to find our more about Baltic entrepreneurship, we recommend you join this Facebook groupand Linkedin group.

In addition to Erply, Zeroturnaround and Fortumo which we listed in part 1, I’ve compiled a list of the ones that are the most promising or already succeful Estonian startups. Keep in mind this is in no way a definitive list. There are plenty more in stealth mode or really early stage and hopefully you’ll hear from them soon.

Talentag is a social recruiting app. It allows you to create social resumes, where you can tag and badge your friends, and give them feedback. Basically, it’s a fun Linkedin.

Emply shares founders with Talentag, and enables social sharing of job ads. Post on Facebook or Linkedin, create incentives to share your profile.

PosterBee is a “crap free”, private Facebook. Picture an advanced Google groups, without the Farmvilles and co. Allan Martison, one of the famous Estonian tech entrepreneurs and VC, is behind the project.

Toggl is a simple and efficient time tracking service. It supports most platforms, too.

Homeview uses augmented reality to include 3D models of furniture in pictures of your apartment, before you make a purchase. The company is about to launch in public beta, and was one of the startups from the first Garage48.

Kratid is a collection of mini games made around the Kratids, little characters that you can also order as plush toys. They are also from Garage48, and are looking to partner with existing gaming IP.

Yoga is a home automation company. They provide a touch screen to control your home.

Guardtime is a timestamping service that focuses on data integrity. They have raised $8M in funding.

Grabcad is a free library for CAD models, with an engineering marketplace. People can create and share 3D models to be build later on your 3D printer.

Sportlyzer is a smart personal trainer (think Heiaheia). They focus on exercise, motivation and training planning.

Fits.me is a virtual fitting for online clothing retailers.In addition to receiving copious coverage in European tech events, they’ve recently gotten their 2nd round of financing from Arengufond.

Utopia Revolution is a free to play browser based strategy game in a fantasy setting.

Kaaluabi is the most successful Estonian weight watchers service. It was launched last February and has been growing quickly since. They are expanding to Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, and making revenue.

Pipedrive is a sales management software that focuses on making dealmaking faster.

Indilo Wireless is one of the major iPhone developers in Estonia. They focus mobile development; check these links.

Taxipal is an ordering automation service for mobiles. Users in 2000 cities can rate and review.

Edicy allows free and very easy website creation. To date, 200 000 pages have been created.

Cutefund is a “crowdsourced mutual fund”. This means that people can vote which stocks will be bought in the fund. It was founded by Andrei Korobanik, of Rate.ee fame (the biggest social network in Estonia).

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