Provides Seamless Interaction Between Web, Mobile, and TV

    Do you watch TV by itself, or do you always have your phone or laptop with you? If you’re anything like myself, you may always be checking up for additional information and opinion, especially while watching sports and other events. To allow broadcasters to create a seamless experience like this,‘s Interactivity Suite connects fragmented media technologies by synchronizing TV broadcasts with mobile apps and the social web. The Norwegian company’s target customers are broadcasters and advertisers who are looking to tap into an integrated experience, but don’t have an independent soltion in mind. advertises having 80% of the work already completed, with the additional information and branding coming from an easy drag-and-drop builder.

    With, broadcasters can add the social buzz into their broadcast stream, or build synchronized companion apps that sync with the action that’s happening live on TV. And on the marketing side, allows you Facebook page to communicate with your mobile campaigns and digital signage network.

    Perhaps the best way to describe their service is by example. During the last Tour de France, TV2 created an integrated web and mobile app for their broadcasts through, which followed the race live to track altitude, distance to the finish line, and provided extra details on the riders at the same time they were featured on a close-up live on on TV. The application also included social features, which allowed the broadcaster to select the best ones and easily push onto a sidebar during the TV broadcast.

    See more details in the video below:

    IBC 2011: The / Vizrt Companion app (2nd screens) from Vizrt on Vimeo.