Networking Through Style?

    Zadaa makes selling second-hand clothes easy by matching the users by style and size.

    Selling your old gear at a second hand store or even online for instance through Facebook can be quite a lot of work. Taking the stuff to a store or taking pics – and hoping you find a trustworthy buyer who happens to have the same size with you has made me lose my hope few times during the sales process. Of course recycling or giving the stuff for charity is an option as well.

    So it’s not that easy to get rid of old stuff? And that’s is exactly why Helsinki-based Zadaa entered the Finnish second hand clothing market a week ago – To create an efficient market place for pre-loved clothing and accessories.

    “We recognized how problematic it is to search second hand clothes, since you always need to do the same work again and again after finding one interesting item. When we use big data on the side, it enables us to combine the stats of body measurements with styles and brands. That’s how we’ll help our users match themselves with other users who share the same size and style with each other,” says Iiro Kormi, the co-founder of Zadaa.

    As selling and buying is made easy through their application, the service also enables searching for your own “clothing twins”. Kormi describes this as creating a clothing network of people:

    “Our service is built on trust. We offer a secure marketplace for transactions while providing also a platform for communication, customer support and guarantee for safe sales. The salesperson has always to post a picture of the sold items in the shape they are – If the buyer does not receive the item in pictures, we refund the price of the deal.”

    While discussing about the competition at the second hand clothing market especially in Finland where Zadaa has been launched first, Kormi says creating a service based on trust is one of the most significant factors:

    “There’s so many people who are bored of Facebook scams and bad deals. Through our app, buyers can be sure that they receive the items shown in pictures – or get refunded.”

    As the service is launched now only in Finland with the focus on female users, Kormi says their team has already clear plans for expanding.

    “We’re searching for seed-funding at the moment while developing our product in Finland. The service is easy to scale up with a city focus, so we’re scanning opportunities in Sweden, Italy, UK and Germany.”

    Marketplace with an opportunity to do charity

    While creating a marketplace for the users, Zadaa charges 20% commission of transactions made on the app. As the percentage seems quite much, while checking the table rents in second hand stores with adding sales commissions and of course comparing that to easiness of use of the platform, the difference might not actually be that much at the end. “The commission helps us to make sure that the process is running smoothly and we can also pay refund for the users in case of scams,” explains Kormi.

    “We also introduce a whole new way to donate money to charity by recycling. If the customer wants to give the sales profit to Save the Children Finland – We’ll also give 10% of our commission to the organization improving childrens’ lives in Finland and abroad.

    Zadaa‘s goal is to challenge their users to reach €100 000 target with them within the next year.

    If you want to follow how their clothing challenge moves forward on social media (mainly only in Finnish for now) – Check hashtag #vaatehaaste on Twitter.