netMedi Enhances the Communication Flow Between Doctors and Patients

    netMedi, a Finnish startup is about to take the healthcare industry by storm with their first product that improves communication from Doctor to patient using realtime analytics. Their goal for Kaiku is to become a common sight in any cancer treatment clinic around the world and to deliver an easy to use product that’s beneficial for Doctors and Nurses, but most importantly for the patient.

    A team of six University students spearheaded by CEO Lauri Sippola devised the idea when discussing the possibilities of involving a technology aspect into the communication process the patients receive when being treated for Cancer. With a fusion of healthcare professionals and Engineers within Sippola’s family, giving him food for thought, the business came together. Those that have experienced loved ones with terminal diseases will know that, sometimes (not always), communication can breakdown when the patient returns home. netMedi’s Kaiku product is built on the principle that communication should never fall apart, wherever the patients location.

    Kaiku connects to the internet via computer, smartphone or tablet and relays realtime data to the patient’s medical team. If the patient has woken up unwell, the doctor will be notified as soon as possible. This therefore makes it more efficient and effective than calling the Doctor, who may not always have time to pick up the phone. The great selling point to any Cancer Clinic would be that Kaiku enables the patient to easily record how they are feeling earlier enough, to prevent worsening of their condition. netMedi are not alone in this market and a few companies are implementing communication apps with similar principles. Where netMedi differ to others is that they pride themselves in understanding what needs and expectations patients had when it came to communicating with their Doctor. netMedi underwent months of interviews with doctors and patients to see exactly what they needed from Kaiku.

    The company participated in Summer of Startup 2012 and two months after the program they conducted a trial with Helsinki based Cancer Center, Docrates. This turned out to be a big success for netMedi and the product has subsequently been implemented throughout the clinic.  With a Country Manager already based in Switzerland, netMedi have started to branch their operations further afield. Switzerland has long been seen as the capital for medical advancements and what better for netMedi to target private clinics there and get them to trial Kaiku.

    Sippola is confident that netMedi has a place in the medical industry and believes that improvements in communication between Doctor and patient isn’t limited to just cancer care, therefore the possibilities of further expansion of their company is huge. If netMedi can get the industry leaders on board, it will be a domino effect for other clinics around the world to follow suit.