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Netcycler is the Finland based startup that developed an online service to help people recycle their goods. In the most basic form, it helps to do this with two people who find something else they’re willing to exchange their own good for. This also works on a larger scale, where you may be giving someone else your good and receiving a good from a third person. Last week, the company announced they’re opening shop in UK.

Netcycler is currently giving invites to the service in UK based on requests from their UK website. The site itself states that the company will be opening the service to the public during this spring.

Netcycler has more than 20 000 users registered in Finland and there are over 15 600 goods to be traded at this moment. They opened their German service at Netcycler.de late last year.

Netcycler makes its money by logistics and B2B-level services. Companies can purchase the Netcycler platform to enable exchanging of goods inside their company among employees.

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