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Swedish carbon removal startup raises $5.5M seed to advance green digital assets

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Stockholm-based Net Zero Company has secured $5.5 million in Seed funding, led by investors Oilinvest, VARO Energy, and SilviCarbon. The company leverages blockchain technology to offer Carbon Removal Tokens (CRT), which ensure transparency, traceability, and security in the market for verified carbon credits. With this funding, Net Zero Company plans to expand globally and introduce a suite of new products, including the CRT, to address the urgent need for scalable carbon removal solutions.

Net Zero Company leverages blockchain technology to facilitate secure and transparent carbon credit transactions, focusing on nature-based carbon removals globally. Founded in 2022 by Håkan Nordkvist and a team of industry experts, the company aims to build a Net Zero Ecosystem by minting digital assets representing physical, audited carbon dioxide removals (CDRs). This approach integrates environmental integrity and social responsibility, making carbon removals accessible and driving global participation in the transition to net zero.

The leadership team includes co-founders Peter Ebsen, Robin Stenman, Anders Forsberg, Robin Bäcklund, Carl Johan Krigström, and executives such as CMO Rosanna Thun, CFO Jesper Karlström, CTO David Gabor, and advisors like Cecilia Kellner and Lord Ed Vaizey.

Håkan Nordkvist, CEO of Net Zero Company, says to tech.eu, “There are no shortcuts to reach net zero; reducing emissions is crucial, but we must also innovate with new solutions. That’s why we’re committed to providing high-quality, nature-based carbon removals that are risk-free and easy to use. Our mission is to democratise access to carbon removals by leveraging blockchain technology to digitise carbon removal credits. With escalating emissions and rising temperatures fueling environmental degradation, the need for effective carbon removal solutions has never been more urgent.”

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