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Nest New York is a new kind of a startup accelerator (can we really call it that?) in New York that helps Finnish companies establish themselves into the US market, according to Finnish Talouselämä. The setup is a combined effort by Tekes (Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation) as well as Teknologiateollisuus (The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries).

The companies currently accepted into the accelerator are PlayMySong, Campalyst, Stream Republic, Wantlet, MobileBrainBank and Kiosked.

According to Jukka Viitasaari, the director from The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries, 400 companies have received funding in New York during the last two years. He believe the city is fast becoming a good place for media centric digital startups and we have to agree. Foursquare and other high profile companies are based in the city.

So far some 30 companies have shown interest towards the venue in New York. The companies receive a desk from the co-working space, data connections as well as legal, financing, marketing and book keeping services. Each company pays “a couple of hundred dollars” for the venue according to the Talouselämä article.

The service isn’t only limited to Finnish companies. Baltic and Russian companies are also eligible for the space. Viitasaari also confirms that they are also looking at expanding the concept to Shanghai.

This is definitely a very welcome and concrete way to help companies. No huge overheads, but as much focus as possible in helping companies take their first steps in the US.

Image by skinnylawyer.

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