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Nervogrid, a Finnish cloud computing company, announced yesterday (in Finnish) that they have landed a 700 000 euro investment from a variety of Finnish investors. The company has been founded in 2004, but in the last two years its sales have exploded dramatically. In 2008 its revenue was 240k euros and last year they managed a 1.2 million euro revenue – showing clear traction and demand for their services. With the investment, Antti Vihavainen, has been named the country manager of Nervogrid to further speed up the sales.

The beauty of the service comes from the fact that the service enables users to log into their desktop and services from which ever computer connected to the internet. This has enabled Nervogrid to price the software and affiliated items as a service attractively which has had huge dramatic competitive advantages compared to other players in the market. One way to think about is that you pay for what you use on a monthly basis instead of paying huge sums up front for software and services.

The investors who participated in this round were Kirsi Eräkangas (Nomadi Oy), Roger Kempe, Optiomi Invest Oy, Hannu Vaajoensuu (Havacment Oy) and Veraventure Oy. Earlier investors into Nervogrid have been Markku Toivanen (Santava) and Tekes, who has accepted Nervogrid into their Young Innovative Companies (NIY) program.

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