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NBF looks for advantage to grow

Ahead of this week’s Nordic Business Forum we talked with the organisers who will again take some world famous speakers – including Seth Godin, Peter Diamandis, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Hawk and Dick Costolo – to the stage of Helsinki Exhibition & Convention Center.

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The Jyväskylä-born company behind the event has taken many world-famous speakers to Finland and the event – for audience of 6,000 is sold out a year ahead. The audience on-site will be topped by some 10,000 viewers online, and the event will be streamed also in virtual reality.

“Nordic Business Forum aims to be the world’s most significant business conference by 2021. Live stream plays an important role in this and virtual reality offers us a unique opportunity to become an industry pioneer,” said Hans-Peter Siefen, NBF CEO & co-founder.


Nordic Business Forum takes its first step on the international route next year by putting its first event in Stockholm, Sweden. The NBF Sweden explores the future of leading with Chud Hurley (Youtube), Chip Conley (Airbnb) and Linda Liukas (Rails Girls) among speakers, and aims at 1,500 attendees.

Nordic Business Forum is famous for bringing big-name speakers in Finland. Last year event hosted Guy Kawasaki, Garry Kasparov and Arianna Huffington among others. The theme of this event will be the Advantage: digitalization, culture and marketing. These elements – if approached right – create a competitive advantage for companies and leaders.

“When we worked on the programme for this years event we, of course, looked at the trends but also thought of what we as a team are after,” said COO Maria Krajewska-Olkkonen.

Digitalization: Digitalization enables businesses to do more with less. Today, anything that can be digitized (i.e. represented by ones and zeros) can spread at the speed of light or at least the speed of internet. For businesses, it’s important to understand how to leverage their products and services in a digital environment. Peter Diamandis, Dick Costolo, Scott Galloway will provide insights on digitalization of business, knowledge, and education.

Marketing: Digitalization offers companies new insights, tools and opportunities to enhance marketing strategies and understand their customers better. The use of content marketing, automation, big data and online PR helps companies to go global and reach out wider audiences online. We picked this topic because we believe that understand how marketing evolves in the context of digitalization. That’s why we invited top experts in marketing Seth Godin and Gary Vaynerchuk to shed light on how smart digital marketing is done.

Culture: The company culture is by all means a trendy topic. Work is no longer about the money, there is something more. If you have people who are doing the job, they will deliver what they have to deliver, but if you have people who believe in what they are doing, they will give your company all they can and even more. One of the speakers, Vineet Nayar, who is the former Chief Executive Officer of HCL Technologies, is famous for his saying “Employees First, Customers Second” and we are excited to learn from him on how to pursue company culture and make it serve your business.”


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