Narrative announces Clip 2 preorder

    Narrative, everyone’s favorite “lifelogging” camera, is opening up preorders for Clip 2 today, bringing the updated version of their device to the masses soon after that.

    If you’ve missed our previous coverage of Narrative (previously called Memoto before Motorola got litigious) the device is a little clip on camera designed to be worn all day every day. The device picks up two photos a minute automatically, but a quick doubletap on the device also allows you to take a picture to save a moment. The idea behind the device and paired cloud photo viewer is that you’ll then have a photostream of your life, being able to pick up those chance encounters with friends (or 8 hours of sitting at your desk in my case).

    With the Narrative Clip 2 they’ve built on user feedback to give wireless connectivity and bluetooth for easy access of photos, and a 90° lens that captures 8 megapixel photos, and improved light sensitivity when you’re in low light.

    On the software side Narrative is going more social by allowing users to share “Public Moments” for those candid kodak moments Narrative picks up. They write:

    This has changed the fundamental view of what Narrative is, from a private photo journal to a social photo tool. The beauty behind Narrative’s community is that it’s built around exploring unfiltered point-of-view experiences, as users are able to share real stories with sequences of photos, instead of a single image. People without a Clip can now register for a free Narrative account to browse, like and comment on the moments that users are sharing as well.

    Narrative has raised $12.2 million, with an $8 million Series B picked up last September led by Creandum, Passion Capital, True Ventures, and Khosla Ventures.