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Friday, July 1, 2022

Mysterious Finnish AR Startup Raises €100 000 – Doesn’t Admit What It Does

Ten points for Immersal for bringing humour to the Finnish startup scene.

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Finnish Augmented Reality startup Immersal has raised €100 000 seed round from Presence Capital – and states to the public that they should not be contacted for additional information.

Nevertheless, the company is being so mysterious that they don’t event have premises in greater Helsinki area.

Actually to announce that they won’t tell anything, Immersal organized a celebratory press conference. According to the company’s hilarious press release, the script of the event went like this:

”People have been asking, yes, but we cannot and will not answer at this point, for obvious business reasons,” begins Mr. Niko Nyman (presumed) CEO of Immersal, swigging from a bottle of champagne. Then he sips repeatedly, all smiles, but remains silent.

”Ummm… You cannot and will not answer to what?” asks a puzzled reporter lady from a distinguished business magazine.

”We neither confirm or deny that,” answers Mr. Kosti Rytkönen, (presumed) CTO of Immersal, sounding a bit tipsy, giggling a bit under his breath.

”But.. But why did you ask us to come if,” tries the reporter.

”This concludes our session, thank you ladies and gentlemen, no more questions, thank you,” wraps up Mr. Jufo Peltomaa, (presumed) Head of Special Ops of Immersal, sporting what seems to be a black eye.

According to the company website they are making “awesome world a better place” – but there’s no need for you to check the website for further information.

Founded by popstars – and certainly acting like popstars! Thanks for bringing more humour to the Finnish startup scene.

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