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Ramine Darabiha, the founder and CEO, of MySites blogged about their service growth statistics. He’s finally managed to get the growth curve to remind the commonly used hockey stick figure. In August 2009 they reached just a little under 2,5 million hits to their services and this has nicely grown through Q4 of 2009 to about over 6 million hits in December 2009. In January 2010, while the month is not over, they have managed to receive over 25 million hits to their services.

Ramine Darabiha talks about “hits” meaning that they might and most certainly aren’t all web visits to their service per se, but some sort of query of a file or a resource they’re hosting. He has narrowed down the growth to three reasons:

  • MySites hosts some of the most popular Google Chrome extensions
  • Partnership with Xihalife
  • Significant increase in traffic from China

This yet again confirms the fact that when there is a match, it makes perfect sense for startups to co-operate on their efforts. XihaLife gets an effective way to share files while MySites receives more experience as a service sharing those files.

While startups are blooming, some of the older web companies in Finland aren’t doing too well. IRC-Gallery, one of the most popular sites in Finland is losing interest among its users. They have lost about close to 20% of their weekly user visits from Q3 last year. This only has one bigger meaning behind it: users are beginning to find other services more valuable with larger networks, meaning Facebook.

IRC-Gallery is now owned by Sulake, the company behind Habbo Hotel. One thing that strikes me is the lack of innovation that has been put into the company in the recent months. I haven’t heard of any big news coming out from IRC-Gallery in the last six months and yet, they still are one of the most largest sites in Finland.