MySellr Transforms Your Facebook Page Into An Online Store

    We have long lived with the word e-commerce and it won’t be wrong to request for a change in the naming convention, especially regarding social networks. Probably something like social commerce would do the trick. This is largely owing to Facebook, the network that has made brands more social. MySellr, is an Indonesian startup with Swedes on board, that tends to make the connection more important.

    The startup provides an application within the largest social network, enabling anyone to start a fully functional e-commerce website from their fan pages on Facebook. This basically takes the challenge of distribution out of the question as you’re around a lot of people. 800 million to be exact.

    Brands or businesses can readily introduce and sell their products as tabs on fan pages while the administration panel enables them to keep a check on orders, analytics, invoices and sales that have been made. Integration is no trouble either as you can seamlessly make MySellr a part of your page just like you allow other apps. You can opt in for the numerous pricing plans that MySellr offers ranging from:

    • Free that allows 9 products with no setup fee and zero transaction fee and up to 2 orders that can be placed
    • The Pro plan at $39.99 a month

    The above are currently the two pricing models available with another one to be introduced soon. There is definitely potential for such a service in the market as brands, especially the smaller ones want to make the most of the online platforms with the least expenditure. When you take care of this gnawing issue for brands and offer them a chance to concentrate more on sales and services, you are bound to win big. MySellr has hit the nail on this one and it will be interesting to see how they proceed.

    The Startup was founded by Hermawan Tjakradiwiria and Trajche Kralev and is headquartered in Indonesia with functioning offices in Sweden and Romania. The other team members include:

    • Michael Tekin is the COO – Sales & Marketing Director and also co-founded (one of Sweden’s high-end online fashion retailers).
    • Jonathan Isacsson is the Chairman of the board & Angel Investor of MySellr, CEO & Chairman of ESEA Invest which owns and operates one of the largest company search company was founded in 1998 and is one of Sweden’s 100 largest sites and fastest growing IT-companies.
    • Aaron Isacsson is a Board Member & Angel Investor of MySellr, COO of ESEA Invest. He is also the brother of Jonathan Isacsson and co-founded 121.

    The primary focus for MySellr lies in targeting the European markets. Of course a lot will depend on how they leverage Facebook for their business.

    You can learn more about MySellr here.