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MySalescamp Launches Alpha Version Of Sales Effectiveness Platform

MySalescamp is a Finnish startup that is building a sales effectiveness platform for B2B enterprise sales. They just got their alpha version ready to test demos with the first campers.

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The startup is looking into the US market that already has quite a few products that promise to solve all sales organization’s problems. However, given that none of big players has been able to accomplish this mission, it gives a chance for more startups to enter the market. I sat down with Pekka Sipola, founder and CEO of MySalescamp, to find out how their solution is different from others.

First, it is created by sales people for sales people. It means the team behind the product understands what sales representatives might want to use. “Coming from sales background, I have been always struggling with different sales applications. It’s been hard to find useful tools, that’s how I came up with this idea,” explains Sipola.

The last thing sales reps want to do is to waste time fighting with a piece of software. On the other side, there is sales management that wants them to enter as much as possible details to track sales performance. That is why MySalescamp uses so much automation to make the platform very easy and fast to use while keeping all necessary records and numbers. The platform features Dashboard that brings together all important information about ongoing agenda and thus saves time. “When dealing with our system, sales reps can actually devote their time to customers not filling in the reports.”

Second, the startup offers predictive sales analytics tool built on real time sales big data. Their system is able to estimate what steps will lead to closing the deal. This feature definitely looks like something sales organizations may want to invest into, if it will help their sales force make more intelligent decisions and win more deals.

Last but not least, their alpha version is tightly integrated with Salesforce.com that increases effectiveness of CRM use. Later they plan to integrate with other CRM solutions. In addition, MySalescamp offers a couple of other features, that together make the platform not only a CRM solution but a complete toolkit for sales organization to monitor its processes, statistics and progress based on customizable sales methodology.

The product is a desktop first, but a mobile app is definitely on their product development map.

One big win for the startup is that they have been accepted to SAP Hana Startup Focus Program in Silicon Valley. The technology, resources and community provided by the program give a great advantage to the startup. In the future they plan to build big data stuff on top of SAP Hana. In August 2013 MySalescamp graduate from the program with the first commercial version launch.

So far, the road seem to be pretty smooth for MySalescamp, as earlier this year they raised $280K  in the angel round and now got accepted to SAP Focus Program. Time will show if their feature specs and passion for sales will convince early adopters to give it a try and investors to pump money into.

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