Musopia Launches FourChords Worldwide

    Musopia, the creators of FourChords, have launched their guitar karaoke app worldwide. Karaoke is insanely popular in Finland, with near every backwoods bar having a karaoke setup. But instead of needing a karaoke machine, anyone in the world can start strumming along and singing to popular hits, even if they haven’t heard the song before.

    The iPhone and iPad app makes “guitar karaoke” possible by breaking down songs into simple chord structures, and then tells you when to strum, sort of like Guitar Hero. The app gives you the finger placements of the chords before you begin, so even if you aren’t that solid on the guitar, you can still get the right sound and timing.

    On top of the guitar chords, the app also provides the lyrics in time, helping you or the people around you to sing along or clap. The app also gives you the option to record the video of your performance, allowing you to share videos of you and your friends singing and playing at parties.

    For people without guitars, Musopia is testing a “tap guitar” feature that allows people to tap their screen to make guitar sounds.

    “Forget complicated sheet music and expensive music lessons,” says Paula Lehto, CMO of Musopia in a press release. “We want you to learn to play your favorite songs the fun, quick and easy way. That is why we created FourChords. We love getting together with friends and playing music, but too often we forgot the chords or the lyrics to our favourite songs. With FourChords this will never happen again.”

    The app is free to download, and song packages of 6 or 12 songs for $2.99 upwards and individual songs available for $0.99.