Multitouch Wins The MindTrek Launchpad

    multitouch.fiThe winner of the MindTrek Launchpad 2009, a pitching competition for statups at MindTrek, has just been announced on stage. This year’s winner is Multitouch, a Finnish table- and wall-sized multitouch display manufacturer.

    The winner receives € 20,009 and of course a major publicity boost. Congratulations to Multitouch!

    This year, just as last year, the short list included some promising companies and some complete misses. Also they were from a broad variety of industries, ranging from hardware manufacturer (Multitouch) to a Facebook game (Kamu World).

    Compared to the quality of last year’s startup pitches at Mindtrek Launchpad, this year saw a big improvement. The pitches were better structured and more coherent. A good pitch does not equal a successful company, but it’s part of it.

    Compared to many other web conferences, Mindtrek is positively different since it brings together people not only from the startup scene but across the digital field, including academia and and BigCo. I enjoyed this as I saw what is happening across the field and I also think it helps the startups to understand what is happening beyond their immediate industry niche.