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The entry of mobile point of sale (mPOS) has revolutionized many business sections by simplifying the options of cashless payments. Industries like hospitality, healthcare, travel and tourism have been using mPOS systems and endpoints quite extensively. The rapidly growing payments ecosystem has mPOS as the major catalyst that triggered the industry into new heights.

Easy, seamless and secure cashless payment transactions free customers from the obligation of carrying a high amount of cash and at the same time, the business owners can focus on offering improved customer experience. It fastens the sales completion cycle, boosts productivity, saves time spent on manual cash-counting, drives financial accuracy, provides customer satisfaction and overall security.

mPOS benefits for retail business owners

retail merchants and small business owners benefit greatly by the use of mPOS systems that allows them the flexibility to close sales deals with customers by accepting credit/debit card payments, anytime and anywhere. At the same time, replacement of cash registers with mPOS endpoints also implies better security from thefts and financial miscalculations.

As the name suggests, mobile point of sale enables independent merchants and business owners to collect payments on-the-fly without any worry of collecting cash in bulk. Cashless and mobile payment and transactions can be done from anywhere, which also proves to be convenient for the customers. mPOS devices can come in different forms like standalone solutions, smartphones, wireless terminals, mobile card readers and so on. Some of their core advantages are:

Accept payments anywhere and anytime: mPOS allows the merchants to drive sales, sell products to customers and initiate a monetary transaction from any location! Be it a door-to-door delivery service, a farmer’s market or a mobile-business model like food truck, mPOS allows for easy cashless transactions accepting different types of card payments.

Enhance customer experience and sales opportunities: Usage of mPOS devices allows merchants to provide a more personalized experience to their customers. For instance, in a crowded retail store, floor executives approach the customers to use mPOS devices for a fast check-out option while exploring cross-selling options. This doesn’t only help customers with better experience and convenience but also instils a positive brand image for repeat purchase.

Helps businesses become EMV ready: For business owners and merchants, using mPOS devices make them ready to accept EMV cards in a non-expensive and easy way. Easy and fast deployment of mPOS systems and endpoints make it further seamless for the merchants to migrate to EMV in order to avoid being responsible for fraudulent credit card transactions and chargebacks.

Apart from these key benefits, NFC enabled mPOS solutions also allow customers to leverage contactless payment platforms like Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Amazon Pay, Android Pay, which are gaining popularity with time. These solutions too, are easier to implement and are inexpensive for the merchants to consider. mPOS systems can also be integrated with value-added services like discount and loyalty offers.

Check out the Infographic to glean interesting insights about the current trends and future market of mPOS industry.

[Infographic] mPOS: Apprehending Future Market & Enterprise Benefits by Kiosk Lockdown Software

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