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MoSync Enables Windows Phone Development On Mac

Stockholm-based Mosync tells us they have they have the solution to a problem faced by a lot of mobile developers: moving from iPhone to Windows phone development, without having to change your development environment. But by using dynamic languages and cross platform technologies, developers can now use a new compatibility feature in Reload, to create native Windows Phone apps from a Linux or Mac without going trough a virtual machine.

The solution, called MoSync Reload, allows developers to build and compile apps from a single HTML5/Javascript codebase. Rather than just a plain wrapper around some HTML5, MoSync Reload allows developers to access native features, like the camera, file system, and sensors. Once you’re happy with the application you’ve developed, you can use the free MoSync SDK to take your project as-is, and build standalone applications for distribution through App Store, Google Play and Windows Marketplace.

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“With this release we’re changing the game by bringing a zero-turnaround creation and testing process for web development to mobile – the quick ‘edit -preview-edit – preview-cycle’, which been requested feature for a very long time” says Alex Jonsson, CTO MoSync in a press release.

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