MorningList To Help You Rank Tasks, Select Gifts, Make Difficult Choices And More

    Every Monday morning, I have about 40-60 tasks that I need to take care of and that is on a good Monday. Since studies show that you should do the most complicated and difficult ones first, the week starts with figuring out exactly which ones those are. This can be and usually is a daunting and difficult task that can take at least an hour. Thankfully, MorningList solves this problem (and many others) for me. 

The idea is extremely simple. It is hard for your brain to compare 40 things to one another, but it is very easy when they are paired together. So what MorningList does is allows you to compare tasks to one another and thanks to a clever algorithm, you can do this in just a couple of minutes.

    However, this is not limited to just tasks. As the CEO Aldis Erglis, tells us, the users have found very creative ways of using the system for gift selection, favorite color quizzes and more.

    For example, I recently wanted to buy a new computer game but could not figure out which one I want the most. To MorningList I went. First, you input all your choices, then you will start sorting. The graph on top will signify approximately how many comparisons you need to make and once you are done, you get a nice ordered list. In my case it resulted in an easy decision to buy Borderlands 2:

When using it for task management, you can import all of your Google Tasks and start sorting. Once you are done, you can share the results. This can be nice for selecting gifts for people. For instance I am thinking of giving my wife a choice of gifts and then sending her the link to help her choose the one she wants the most. Last time I did not use MorningList for this and ended up getting a Tarantula.

    It is not actually the first time that we have covered the startup, the idea was formed at a Garage48 hackathon and was implemented by a team that was randomly put together. They have managed to stick together and every single member of the team contributed to the latest release. 

    As Erglis told us, it is partially our fault: “I and other team members felt like we failed because the presentation did not go as planned [At Garage48 Demo]. Then you wrote an inspiring article and gave us some hope that it is something good.”

    After the story, they received some feedback and realized that there needs to be a lot of modifications for the tool to be usable on a daily basis, which is what they have been working on since then.

    Erglis told us that what Garage48 taught him was that it is really easy to start something but much harder to finish it. However their team said to themselves that they will do it despite being in different countries and having day jobs. They built the current version for themselves and their friends, which in our experience is the best way to start. 

MorningList is still a work in progress and the dominant use case is still to be determined. Whether it will be a task management tool, a gift selection tool, a company name ranking tool or something else is up to you.