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Mindtrek is the annual conference for social media, web 2.0 as well as digital media and business in general. In 2008 the conference gathered about 800 people from 32 countries with 150 foreigners attending the conference. ArcticStartup is extremely happy to be participating in this leading conference in its field. We will be helping out with the conference this year, so you’ll be able to catch some visibility on our blog as well if you happen to participate. Mindtrek will be organised between September 30th and October 2nd this year.

Why do we like Mindtrek? Simple, the prizes are magnificent and without competition. This year, Mindtrek is hosting its launchpad competition to startups and innovative people with ideas. The main prize is 20 009 € including business sparring, internationalization, growth and financing services provided by Tekes, Finnvera, Technopolis Ventures, Finpro, Diges, Lexia, and Hermia. A lot of help and money to be won through a simple competition. It’s not too pricey to participate either – entries are only 150€ per company. You can find more information on the competition on the Mindtrek website and to register, you should follow the instruction over here. The deadline for entries has been extended to August 31st.

Furthermore, you are also able to win another 20 000€ by participating in the two other competitions they have in programme; Nokia Ubimedia MindTrek Awards and Apps for Democracy Finland. In total, Mindtrek is giving away over 40 000 euros to innovative people to take their concept to the next level.

Oh, and if you’re thinking of registering for Mindtrek – do so with our code and you’ll get your ticket cheaper. The code is StartupTrek09 and it will give you the 2 day ticket for 300 euros and the 1 day ticket for 190 euros (others pay 350 and 220 euros respectively). We’re really excited about this and are really looking forwards to seeing great new innovative ideas and demos.

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