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All About Symbian’s Rafe Blandford was on Sunday in Barcelona to listen to Stephen Elop and Jo Harlow talk on how Nokia plans to transition to Windows Phone over the years and what this eventually means to the developers and consumers. Naturally, many feared that no one would be interested in developing software for the platform anymore now that it has been publicly announced that its development won’t be continued indefinitely.

Jo Harlow is the new head of the “Smart devices” division. She made it clear in the event that there would be first, now only new devices, but new devices running new hardware (meaning faster processors and faster graphics). Harlow also mentioned that there will be UI improvements to Symbian which would bring “a fresh look and feel”, according to All About Symbian.

One of the bigger questions at hand has been the schedule of all this. In the image below, Nokia suggested that it will still be shipping Symbian devices for years to come. Some reports have stated that overall, there will be about 150 million devices shipped during this time period.

While the image is for “illustrative purposes – not a forecast”, it suggests just what Nokia plans to do with the transition of Symbian into Windows Phone. Jo Harlow also mentioned in the event that “her boss would be happier if it were in 2011” to a question when Nokia would be able to ship its first Windows Phone device.

And while all this is still very much in the air – we also have to remember that the deal Nokia has announced, has not been finalised. Even Nokia’s official Twitter account reminded everyone of this in a reply to Om Malik of Giga Om.

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