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One of two people is suffering because of musculoskeletal health problems (pain, weakness, injuries, etc). MoovBuddy App is a friend that offers academically proven exercises and advice for wrong daily habits. Less pain killer, less medical imaging and less chronic pain. Just healthier you!

MoovBuddy is a whole new exercise app. All of the exercise programs are prepared by doctors and physios according to medical literature. Exercises are classified by body parts (like back, neck, knee, etc.) and cases/situations (like at office, long travels, gamers, post-natal, etc.). With more than 60 programs and almost 300 exercises, you can exercise anytime and anywhere you want.

With audio instructions and tips, you can do the exercises accurately and effectively.

Besides exercises, MoovBuddy gives you evidence-based recommendations in order to prevent possible physical health problems. At your office, you might be notified of correcting your wrong posture.

Especially in quarantine days that we faced globally, it’s very important to stay active to boost the immune system. We are putting our biggest effort in early-stage to make people feel relaxed and unstressed at their home. We have prepared 20 Minutes and 10 Minutes Full Body exercises and made them free in the app. No equipment required to do and the level of exercises are at optimum which is also crucial for the immune system.

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