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Saturday, July 2, 2022

MOOR Capital invests into Stockholm-based Mail app

How much of your life do you spend interacting with your email? A decent percentage, most likely, but despite that, I imagine you don’t really use any tools to make that relationship any better. A Stockholm-based company created by ex-Stardoll employees recently received an undisclosed amount of funding from MOOR Capital, Kaj Hed’s private VC firm, to tackle the great problem of email..

Their plan is to create a desktop email client (and later a mobile application) that gives you a better flow to your email by sorting it based on what’s important to you, and not necessarily chronological order. The application, called Teller, doesn’t need to learn from you or put messages into new folders, and says it will make you more efficient by allowing you to check your email less.

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According to UX designer Joel Marsh in an interview with TechCrunch, the app measures what you do when you handle your email, and what links you click on, and other parameters that decides what you should see first. It sounds promising, but unfortunately Teller isn’t out yet for us to check out, but should be live sometime in September.

As someone who has done a lot of searching for a good Mac email client to replace Sparrow, I have to say that Takumii, the company behind Teller, will have to get a lot more things right than just a fancy algorithm. If a mail client is missing a “key” feature or two, or if it has the slightest problem of connecting to my email provider, then it will be easy to dismiss. Email is one of those things you need to get almost 100% right or it’s garbage.

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