Covid-19 Pandemic has dramatically transformed the marketing landscape in 2020, with customers forging new buying habits and upping their expectations for brands. Marketing has evolved just as much, with breakthrough platforms like moLotus fast replacing in-person experiences and campaign redesigns to acknowledge the new reality.

The pandemic has resulted in a shift of advertising budget from traditional digital advertising to moLotus driven real mobile advertising that doesn’t require any app download or active data plan.

Breaking the old patterns, moLotus-led innovative process transformation is assisting more brands globally to step into the new digital landscape; enhancing overall customer experience at low-cost and high-returns.

Direct marketing has witnessed major innovation & disruption with moLotus breakthrough tech and platform targeting $350 Billion Direct Marketing opportunity. (Source: Statista). In addition to it, the platform also targets the emerging 1.5 Trillion Digitalization opportunities together with 5G plus Transformation. (Source: Ericsson & Arthur D. Little)

Start your 2021 with a bang keeping in view the following key trends :

1. The New Expectation: Hyper-personalization
Personalization principles have changed in the new normal with customer mobility getting restricted and digital interaction & buying being preferred. In 2021 all eyes are on moLotus’s hyper-personalization capability which goes beyond tailoring the brand’s message exclusively on customer name, unique customer id or with other relevant customer data, demographics, and more.

2. Custom Campaigns Replacing Mass Campaigns
In the new world, mass campaigns are no longer hitting the mark. moLotus offers customized campaigns – targeting languages, demography, etc. that are fast replacing mass messaging. moLotus has the ability to leverage customer data at the most granular level.

3. Adoption Of Two-way Conversational Approach
Being distant doesn’t mean being disengaged. Now is the time for brands to stay more connected with socially distanced customers, striking a two-way contextual conversation. This would be best possible via moLotus’ multiple customer interaction options like structured CTA (call, SMS, and more…) providing context to every interaction.

4. Completing Transactions via Digital Transformation
Following new normal, Brands are adapting quickly to disruptive changes with all business transactions getting completed via breakthrough moLotus digital transformation. moLotus functionalities are transforming processes pertaining to all stages of the customer life cycle – awareness, acquisition, interaction, service, support, feedback, retention, and advocacy.

5. Video Advertising Rules
Consumers are spending more time viewing online videos. Video consumption has skyrocketed and is expected to stay strong in and post-COVID era. With the high-impact video ads extending up to 2 minutes, moLotus is being seen as the main driver of this years’ developments in mobile video advertising.

6. Emphasis On Big Data Analytics
The new normal sees more emphasis on actionable data analytics as it signifies the missing connection between business propositions and big data. Businesses will focus on moLotus’s data analytics offering actionable insights and advanced reports, enhancing business decisions, improving processes, planning, and decision-making.

2021 will continue to see digital disruption, where the use of breakthrough moLotus technology, with cutting-edge strategy and creative ideas, will make Brands resilient. To rise above competitors and maximize revenues Brands & Telcos should start allocating resources and start investing & using the latest technology such as moLotus platform.

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