Mojn Raised $4 Million Series A from NorthZone, Notion Capital & Zoar Invest

    Mojn is a Copenhagen based startup that is focusing on sending out e-commerce and business e-mails that are highly personalized. So it is kinda like Mailchimp, but focuses on a more specific sector as well as on a higher degree of personalization.

    Today, they announced a Series A round of $4 million. The news comes shortly after their retargeting solution was announced, which, as they say should increase the performance of e-mail campaigns rather significantly. The way it works is that once you click a link in the e-mail or open it in a browser, a cookie will be created in the browser. Once you go on with your daily affairs, the internet will now know which ads to retarget to you, hopefully keeping it relevant, after all – you did click that link. That is the standard approach but we hear that Mojn wants to take that a step further and we are looking forward.

    The investment was led by Northzone in Copenhagen and Notion Capital & Zoar Invest in London. Gregers Kronborg of Northzone commented that “Northzone is excited to be leading this investment and to be supporting Mojn and its impressive team as they set out to define email retargeting. We see strong potential for Mojn to become the global category winner of performance email targeting.”

    At the moment, Mojn already provides banner retargeting and e-mail retargeting to customers such as Kuoni/Apollo, SmartKids, Momondo and Hifi-Klubben.

    The co-founder of the company, Thomas Jensen, commented further while still not giving the plans out completely: “Our journey started in 2009 just as the financial crisis took off. So what do you do when you have a fantastic idea – and no money? In our case the help came from Inger Rosenkilde (owner of IMR Holding) who supplied $3 million in seed capital during a period of 5 years. Inger is an emotionally engaged investor whose beliefs, ethics and moral code inform her investment decisions – and this felt appropriate since Mojn is a company with a lot of heart. The wonderful people at Notion Capital and NorthZone are also now on board and we can complete our UK expansion and become a noticeable threat to the range of incumbents with antiquated tech and market models. Our first product – Performance Email Targeting – is delivering unparalleled results for our clients but there’s a lot more to come. Indeed, our goal is to push the envelope even further until we’ve made a major impact on the society that surrounds us.”

    Top Image Courtesy of Shutterstock // E-Mail