Mojang's Hackathon Raises Over $490k For Charity

    Mojang, the Swedish developers of Minecraft, last week put on Mojam 2, a hackathon and charity event that brings together Nordic games and a good cause. What more could you want? Like last year, Mojang and their friends sat down for 78 hours to hack away at some games, all while livestreming their process.

    The money was raised and games distributed through the Humble Bundle, which features a pay-what-you-like model. For this charity event, all of the procedes went to The Electronic Frontier Foundation and Block by Block, “a wonderful collaboration between Mojang and UN Habitat to bring youth into the urban planning process for better cities.”

    Another intersting feature of this chairty event was that people were donating and buying the games while the hackathon was taking places, before they even knew what games they were getting. Now the hackathon is over, you can find the available games on their blog post, and still purchase games on their Humble Bundle page. We haven’t gotten the chance to play any games yet, but we threw a few euros over there and encourage you to do the same if you support internet freedom and/or urban planning. You’d be supporting a good cause, and get a few hours of entertainment!

    So far the Mojam charity hackathon has raised over $490,000 with one anonymous donor giving $100,000. The full stats at time of publication can be found here: