The Swedish indie (does it really account for indie anymore?) gaming company Mojang has released Minecraft Pocket Edition, according to Wired. The company release the game for Sony Ericsson’s Android powered Xperia Play gaming phone. The game is currently available for the Xperia Play at first, but the company plans to release the game to other Android devices “in about a month’s time”, according to the Wired article.

Mojang commented that unlike in the desktop edition, which they’ve registered more than 12 million users now, the game won’t follow the nightly monster raids. “A night-and-day cycle is something we are hesitant towards, since you have a much shorter time span when playing on a mobile device,” Mojang stated to Wired.

While the game will be different, it will also have some exclusive features that are only available to the Pocket Edition. One of those will be the ability to play with other players using a Wifi connection, when on the same local network. In addition, players can share their personal worlds to others.

Minecraft Pocket Edition costs 4.86€ on the Android Market.

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