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Last weekend, Mojang spent some 2,5 days developing games at their offices for the good of charity. The worked together with the HumbleBundle folks through an event titled Mojam and raised money for four charities; Child’s Play, Electronic Frontier Foundation, charity: water and the American Red Cross. During the weekend, they raised over $450 000 from over 81 000 people.

People were able to donate money and in doing so receive the games the Minecraft developers were building over the weekend. The average purchase thus was $5,62. Raising over $450 000 during a couple of days is phenomenal and just shows the amount of visibility and interest Mojang is able to attract.

In our previous episode of Unfair Advantage we interviewed Daniel Kaplan of Mojang and he disclosed that they sell around 10 000 copies of their game a day. That is just about 200 000 euros in daily revenues.

The company has also aroused interest from elsewhere. Towards the end of January we talked about the possibility of Lego building dedicated Minecraft blocks to celebrate the game. Well, that is reality today as they are accepting pre-orders for the building blocks at $34,99.

Below is a breakdown of the purchases/donations that were made during last weekend.

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