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moipal and voiceMoiPal, the Finnish social gaming service has signed a marketing partnership with the Finnish music television Voice. MoiPal is the work of Ironstar Helsinki being directed by Joakim Achrén. Ironstar Helsinki also made front page on ArcticStartup when Monty Widenius announced his investment into the company. Voice is the independent Finnish music radio and television channel.

The marketing co-operation will include high visibility of MoiPal among Voice’s listeners and website visitors. MoiPal in return has created a Voice radio channel inside its virtual world and thus allows its users to listen to Voice while playing with their characters. Joakim states that they are used to doing co-operation with artists and bands inside their game world and thus this is a natural extension to their product strategy.

From experience, I can state that these sort of marketing deals are usually done on a revenue share basis for a limited term. MoiPal has commercial aspects to it, naturally and will be trying to leverage these through traffic generated by Voice’s media outreach. Public records show Ironstar Helsinki making less than 200k € in revenue last year, so there will be plenty of work for both parties to get a positive outcome of the deal. Despite all this, this is one of the best ways to get users and the service off the ground. Apaja, the social gaming company I worked with a few years ago, made its success through marketing deals with Suomi24 and MTV3.

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