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I had lunch today with ironstar helsinki‘s Joakim Achrén. Joakim is the CEO and they are building a cross platform virtual world that is mainly played on the mobile – it’s called MoiPal. Ironstar helsinki is 9 men strong and they are located in Helsinki.

MoiPal has all the usual aspects of a social gaming application, profiles, personalisable rooms and characters, a facebook like profile page (to link to), virtual currency and lots more. Joakim managed to really surprise me how smooth the character moved on the mobile – no buggines at all. MoiPal could be described as a mixture of Facebook and Tamagotchi (I’d add Sims). The software runs on Java and they have three different versions for different phones.

You take care of your character by feeding her, washing her, exercising, etc to keep all the personal attributes in top notch condition. They’ve also put a lot of effort into making the whole system scalable. For example, you can do lots of things with the character in her own room without being connected online hence not accumulating a lot of data costs. Also, all the characters are clothable in different types of clothes available for purchase in the online shop. At the moment they have a deals with Warner music for example to cloth the characters in different band attire.

We also talked about the fact that where they see their focus geographically. Middle East, Russia and Far East Asia seem to interest them, which in my opinion is a very good call. There is a lot more competition in Asia, but their mobile usage is on a totally different level.

I was really impressed in the product, being a veteran of the gaming industry. I’m sure they will have lots of success with it.

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