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A few weeks ago we published an article where Fortune hinted at possible talks between Nokia and Google with regards to Android. Today Mobile-Review has written about Nokia’s potential talks with Microsoft about extending their alliance. In the talks, according to Eldar Murtazin, the writer behind the Mobile-Review article, Nokia’s new leadership has had talks with Microsoft for about 2 months now regarding the possibilities to further extend their partnership. The talks are not only around exchange of technology, but possibly creating an entire line of Windows phones.

If indeed the rumours or claims are true – this makes an interesting approach for Nokia. Having reviewed both Android and Microsoft, Nokia might be making some changes to its smart phone strategy in 2011 for the short term but still march on with its focus on Meego at the upper end of the price range.

One of the reasons Mobile-Review says the companies are in talks is due to the fact that manufacturers will be bringing out very modestly priced Android phones in Q2 of 2011. An example with the Russian market is that a 3500 Ruble (appr. 90 euros) phone will be made available by one of the big three operators – surely to attract interest among consumers.

Nevertheless, it is an interesting signal of possible things to come. Nokia may have realised that while it may be the right road in the long run to continue with Meego, something needs to be done in the short run as well.

Via Unwired View

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