Mobile Publishing Platform Provider Conmio Lands A-Round Funding

    Finnish VC Inventure has invested 2 million USD into Finnish mobile publishing platform firm Conmio. The financing will be used to support Conmio’s international growth and product development. Conmio sees many opportunities for expansion due to the strong demand for mobile services. Conmio’s target customers include media firms, device manufacturers and other companies interested in providing mobile solutions to their customers or end users.

    Conmio has a versatile mobile publishing platform, ManaGate, for converting websites for mobile viewing on different handsets. With the solution firms are able to integrate mobile channels automatically as part of the firm’s overall content and services publishing process. Naturally ManaGate also optimizes the amount of data transferred. According to Conmio the mobile platform is one of the most flexible available in the market, with very few limitations.

    Tero Hämäläinen, Conmio CEO stated, “while the funding was not easy to acquire, we had many alternatives to choose from”. According to Hämäläinen their key assets in closing the funding were their impressive track record and references – they have been selling the software since 2003.

    Conmio’s customers include many known firms, including the Finnish media firm MTV3, Nokia, and Blyk. In particular  the Northern American market is interesting for Conmio. The firm already has multiple clients in the region. The latest client is National Public Radio, and others include About Inc, Boston Globe, The New York Times, Oklahoma Publishing Group and Canadian Georgia Straight. These are good reference clients, so no wonder the firm wants to accelerate the business on the North American continent.

    Hämäläinen also told us that the competitive atmosphere will get more demanding in the future as smart phones’ internet usage grows. The recent months’ activities have only grown the market in USA, making it yet more appealing for Conmio.