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Mobile Joomla is a simple, but useful add-on to Joomla. The extension does one thing, but does it well – it creates a mobile version of your Joomla site. Joomla is a popular content management system (CMS) that powers currently 2.7% of all websites globally. Mobile Joomla is an addition to the original CMS that renders your website readable for the mobile browsers out there. The app is developed by Kuneri and full disclosure; ArcticStartup’s co-founder Miikka Kukkosuo helps with the business development aspects. Mobile Joomla was released into invitation only alpha in early 2010, and during the year they have made mobile versions over 2.6M individual pages. Over 40,000 users use Mobile Joomla currently.

The problem Mobile Joomla is tackling is a very simple one. The browsing experience is far from optimal on your mobile device without some small changes to the code on the server side. For example, WordPress, which has said to be the most used CMS for blogging globally, has quite a few plugins rendering the content more readable for mobile devices.

Mobile Joomla has also recently redesigned their website and added a new part to it – Extensions Directory. Extensions Directory enables Mobile Joomla users to download additional components to the original installations. The basic installation renders the website for mobile devices, but if you want to render other so called non-core extensions, you need to download additional extensions for these. Some of the extensions now available include search for mobile, Google Ads and YouTube.

Mobile Joomla plans to make money through a future premium package to their service. The package would work through the SaaS-model. This is still under works and planning. Also, those installing the Mobile Joomla out of the box to their sites will see Google Ads which will send clicks and revenue to the developers way, financing the development of the service itself. Additionally, Mobile Joomla will feature paid mobile extensions and it wouldn’t be too much of a surprise to see an extensions store where developers sell extensions to others and Mobile Joomla would take a small cut from all this (this is purely our guessing).

Mobile Joomla is also recruiting a Technical Lead/Software engineer to join their ranks. You can read more about the open position on the ArcticStartup Job Board.

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