Mobile Ears: Solving Hearing Loss at Zero Cost

People with hearing loss have a new option to hear better with just their phone and some earbuds with a new free iOS app called Mobile Ears. The app eliminates expensive hearing devices and sound tests by proving personalized, clear, amplified sound for users by combining statistical analysis of hearing threshold data with a tailored individual user listening profile. Mobile Ears app helps people with mild to medium hearing loss to hear clear speech and sound while watching TV, at meetings and conferences with just their phone and earbuds — no need for expensive extra hearing devices or complex hearing tests.

According to the World Health Organization, around 360 million people suffer from disabling hearing loss worldwide in 2017. The problem is quite significant in the Nordics as well. In Denmark, for example, several studies showed that approximately 1% of men between 18-24 years of age have a hearing impairment and 25-40% of those older than 65 years of age have a hearing impairment. Studies done in Finland indicate that approximately 15% of the population has a hearing impairment, and approximately 20,000 persons in Sweden have a severe hearing impairment, either congenitally (deafness) or acquired. Many of these people can benefit from FREE Mobile Ears with speech clarity, noise cancellation, filtering and removal of unwanted background noise to ensure they can hear clearly.

Mobile Ears is the result of years of joint research efforts by Listen AS and Norwegian research organization SINTEF. Founded in 2012, Listen is developing new solutions to provide hearing care everywhere, for everyone, in all kinds of environments. Listen AS engineers and scientists at the Acoustics Research Center worked together to develop algorithms and solutions to amplify sound to deliver clarity of speech.

Our mission is to enable quality hearing under any environment, for everyone,” says Snorre Vevstad, CEO and founder of Listen AS. “With Mobile Ears, we are offering an affordable, fashionable, and easily accessible solution for anyone who needs some help with better hearing.

To download Mobile Ears, visit the iOS app store here.