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A few weeks ago we put out a post promoting the Mini Seedcamp event in Stockholm taking place on May 4th. Yesterday, it was announced that a record number of companies had applied to the event and Seedcamp also listed 20 of the companies taking part in the event. Like in other cities, there is a mix of companies from a wider region and this time as well, a few companies from elsewhere in Europe are attending the event.

Below are all the companies from the Nordics and Baltics attending Mini Seedcamp Stockholm (from the Seedcamp Stockholm blogpost).

  • Bitspace from Stockholm, Sweden: Platform for curated collections of media
  • Campalyst from Riga, Latvia: Combines the best of Facebook Insights and Google Analytics, and bring it to you – so that you can measure the precise ROI of your social media campaigns.
  • CocoCloud from Lund, Sweden: System for position based mobile payments, currently with the focus on vehicle parking
  • ffund.it from Gothenburg, Sweden: Providing a social media widget for the web-shop owners world-wide, empowering their users in creating fun and valuable social media objects around companies products and services
  • Garantikoll.se Växjö, Sweden: A service to store receipts and warranties online
  • InfluAds from Copenhagen, Denmark: Minimalism-driven Advertising Network. Meaning through Quality and Influence
  • Hoa’s Tool Shop from Stockholm, Sweden: Digital tools that allow coaches track their clients’ progress in real time, compile statistics over time and reinforce behavior change between sessions
  • iDoc24 from Stockholm, Sweden: Provide sound medical information to anyone, anytime, anyplace, in any device, 24/7.
  • StoneAge Entertainment from Göteborg, Sweden: World’s first mmo-rlag (massive multiplayer online-real life activity game)
  • Tripbirds.com from Stockholm, Sweden: Hotel bookings for the Facebook generation.
  • Planify from Tallinn, Estonia: Enabling collaborative creation of travel guides and access to these guides on smartphones.
  • Spockly from Copenhagen, Denmark; Helping you understand who are the people behind your emails.
  • Startawebbhotell.se from Linköping, Sweden: Cross-selling tool for web designers.
  • The Vault from Helsinki, Finland: A netbanking service for associations and activity groups to better manage their money

Overall, 14 companies from the region are taking part in the event. It’s also worthwhile to highlight a few of the projects from the list. Planify for example, won the Garage48 Riga event. Also, The Vault seems to be a project by the guys behind Scred. They took part in the Seedcamp Final back in 2008.

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