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Mojang’s Markus Persson, the lead developer of the hit indie game Minecraft, answered community questions in Reddit revealing a lot of interesting information about the game, but also the company. Perhaps the most interesting is the confirmation of the business potential of the game. It has sold more than 1.8 million copies of which 800 000 at 9,95 euro and over 1 million at 14,95 euros. While PayPal takes a small cut from all this, Minecraft has essentially generated over 20 million euros of revenue for Mojang.

Back in March we covered the company clearing the tables of prizes in GDC. At that time, they had about 1.47 million games sold. This means in the last month they’ve sold about 400 000 copies. With very basic mathematics – the game generated just in the last month, approximately 5 million euros for the company.

Markus Persson also answered a question in Reddit where a community member asked how intentional was it for Persson to make the game so addictive. “It’s not intentional. I focused a lot on instant gratification when designing the game, though. That combined with the freedom might have ended up being a bit addictive..”, Persson answered.

While the obvious bit of news here is that Minecraft is becoming immensely successful for Mojang, Persson doesn’t worry about the finances all that much. He gets paid monthly and states that “there’s a big pile of it somewhere”.

Fantastic success for Mojang, even though this isn’t reported in the media as widely as Angry Birds for example.

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