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The annual Game Developer Conference Online is on its way on the new continent. Every year the conference also looks at the gaming scene to award the best online games out there. This year, Mojang with their Minecraft game and Grey Area with their Shadow Cities mobile game were victorious and won their categories. Mojang actually took home two awards (little over 6 months ago they took home 5 awards at GDC).

The conference is probably amongst the more reputable ones out there. It’s attended by thousands of people and the top gaming companies of the world. Therefore it’s a great place to be winning.

Mojang won the best community relations as well as the best live game categories. Gret Area’s Shadow Cities was victorious in the online innovation award -category.

Full List of Winners:

Best Online Game Design: Spiral Knights | Three Rings Design/Sega

Best Online Visual Arts: DC Universe Online | Sony Online Entertainment

Best Online Technology: Rift | Trion Worlds

Audience Award Winner: Wizard 101 | KingsIsle Entertainment

Online Innovation Award Shadow Cities Grey Area

Best Audio for an Online Game: Clone Wars Adventures |

Best Community Relations: Minecraft | Mojang

Best Social Network Game: Gardens of Time | Playdom

Best Live Game Minecraft | Mojang

Best New Online Game Rift | Trion Worlds

Disclosure: Grey Area’s CEO Ville Vesterinen is also a co-founder of ArcticStartup.