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This year’s Mindtrek Launchpad finalists have been chosen. The companies went through the detailed analysis of the pre-jury (disclosure: I was one of the pre-jury members voting for the finalists). The MindTrek Launchpad competition will award the most innovative Finnish digital media product, demo or concept – and the people behind it, who have the urge to make it big. Six finalists from the submitted The finalists, in alphabetical order, are:

  • Everyplay: Kamu World
  • Linkotec: Dazzboard
  • MultiTouch: MultiTouch Cell 46″ LCD Display
  • Oppifi: Epooq
  • Virtual Air Guitar Company: Freemotion® Technology
  • Zokem: Automatic communications tool for mobile phones

The finalists represent a very wide range of companies and industries. Everyplay is a social gaming startup, Linkotec’s dazzboard has been named as the non-proprietary iTunes while Multitouch creates modular Hardware. Oppifi’s product Epooq is a tool for storing ones memories online, Virtual Air Guitar Company specialises in motion based gaming controls (think Nintendo Wii with your body) and Zokem is the advanced Twitter on your mobile.

Come see these companies pitch themselves in the Startup Launchpad competition. If you haven’t signed up for Mindtrek yet, do so now with our code. The code is StartupTrek09 and it will give you the 2 day ticket for 300 euros and the 1 day ticket for 190 euros (others pay 350 and 220 euros respectively).

Disclosure: ArcticStartup is partnering with Mindtrek to host the Mindtrek Launchpad.

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