The former Finnish Broadcasting Corporation (YLE) CEO Mikael Jungner has joined the social television startup, Sofanatics‘ board. Sofanatics is a social television startup where in the first versions users can watch television with others via a web service and share the passion. At the moment Sofanatics is focused around sports. Mikael Jungner, has left YLE as of this month and is now looking forwards to a political career along with some private sector agreements, such as the Sofanatics board seat.

Along with Jungner’s joining of the board, Sofanatics did not agree on any extra investements from him says Toni Laturi, Co-founder of Sofanatics. He also confirmed that the upcoming board will consist of 4 members; Asmo Halinen, chairman (Apaja fame), Peter Nyman (television presenter), Petteri Koponen (Jaiku fame and a current angel investor through a Vigo accelerator) and the new recruit Mikael Jungner.

Toni Laturi also stated that they will have some more interesting news in the near future, so it seems that Sofanatics is picking up momentum very nicely.

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