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Miivies is a new browser based 3D animation service available to consumers. The service enables users to create 3D short animations to portray their message. The offering is very similar to that of xtranormal, an online service that has been used quite a bit on the other side of the pond to create parodies of startup investments that have made circles in the startup ecosystem at least. The service is free, but if users want to share and finalise their projects they will have to purchase rendering tokens.

The workflow follows that of making a real movie. Miivies enables users to create new projects and then invite your friends to participate on that project. Participants can communicate through a bulletin board and share tips and advice regarding the project.

The online 3D editor users Unity Web Player and once users have installed this add-on to their browsers, they’re off. With the tool, characters can be assigned different tasks in the sets. Characters can also talk in many different dialogs including English, German, French, Finnish and Swedish.

Erkki Heilakka, CEO and Founder of Miivies tells us that according to their research consumer created content, especially 3D animation is one of the next growth areas online.

Miivies’ business model is similar to that of Renderfarm, but the value proposition different. Where as Renderfarm is betting on large scale rendering needs Miivies is actually building the demand for the rendering services through their own movie editing tools.

Miivies has also signed on Jari Ovaskainen, the former CEO and Founder of Iobox, as an investor. Iobox was sold to Telefonica in 2000 for 230 million euros. Miivies was founded in 2010 and is based in Helsinki, Finland.

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