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Microproject is a new web based project management tool from a Swedish based Guppyfield Development. They aim to simplify project management with highly visual tools that still resemble the more traditional Gantt project charts for example. Microproject has been aimed at small teams working under high pressure to perform, as the team puts it. They indeed aim for minimalism and simplicity.

Microproject also leverages, in my opinion, the more natural and logical ways to use such a service. Instead of punching figures into a web page that resembles an Excel spreadsheet, users of the service can use drag and drop features in many different ways to perform tasks. For example, entering new tasks is fast as there are basically only two required steps; enter the description and drag and drop it to the right person in charge in a view that resembles the Gantt chart. Trying to put all this visualisation into words is difficult, so I do suggest you head to the videos page of the service to see for yourself.

The service itself is priced in an interesting manner as well. You’re pretty much free to create an account for yourself, but once you start entering new projects – you choose the amount of people working in the project and the cost is based on that. For example, a project with two participants will cost you two euros a month where as a project for six people will cost you six euros a month.

Behind the development of the service, lies a deeper manifesto into minimalism and simplicity. Guppy Development’s thinking about all this can be seen in some of the videos they share on their website. Guppyfield Development is lead by Andreas Sundgren and his team.

There’s a lot of thought being put into the whole service, this can be seen in the limitation of only allowing six tasks per half a day, for example. Some might ask why limit such a thing, but Guppy Development is very much right in asking; “are you sure you can do more?”. So instead of trying to integrate the whole array of all possible features, it seems being the simple project management tool – a lot of thought has been put to building it in such a way. I think many can agree – simple and functional tools are the hardest to make. This is why Microproject is so interesting. I’m pretty sure we’ll be hearing of them in the future.

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