Meshly launches a mobile community for connecting people

Finnish mobile technology company meshly aims on transforming daily professional interaction mobile and more easy – just to be handled with one swipe.

meshly wants to bring people together nearby their location

Finnish mobile technology company meshly launched a mobile application for connecting people at Arctic15. As there’s services to build up or keep up your existing professional networks, such as Linkedin, meshly aims on transforming daily professional interaction to be more convenient and real-time.

“There are already services for managing your contacts, but nothing exists to find new opportunities. We truly believe that this is what people are looking for especially in a fast-paced work environment where there might be a time crunch,” says Niko Porkka, the CEO of meshly.

The mobile community solution helps the users to discover events, new inspiring connections and professional offers nearby their location. The heart of meshly is the ‘Opportunities Feed’, where the users may scan what’s going on in the region at a specific time and one can also post directly own opportunity requests to the interface. The service also includes a chat that enables real-time interaction.

Porkka emphasizes that concentration on time and location are the factors that differentiate meshly from its competitors. The opportunities are valid only for a limited time, which supports local community building in a dynamic way. These are also features that makes the service interesting for startups, which might be searching for project related workforce in a short time span or aim to develop their network in a specific region.

“meshly is an online bulletin board that helps distributing knowledge and talent in a more intelligent manner. By using mobile and up-to-date service like meshly, one can truly seize the moment.”

Since Arctic15, meshly application has been available for both iOS and Android. Porkka says that the main cities for the service at the moment are Helsinki, Stockholm, Paris and London, but the community is growing itself by the users in various locations.

“We’re planning to start our operation in Europe first, but already now we have received opportunities posted at meshly also in the US for instance. We believe that the community starts to build up itself in when people experience the value of the service, and that’s how we can continue taking networking to a new level,” Porkka emphasizes.

Promising start for a new funding round

Meshly has already raised €150k in seed funding, and the company started a new funding round at Arctic15. Porkka says the event was a great opportunity to make new connections while communicating to potential users about the service.

“We got a lot of great meetings at the Arctic15 Deal Room with new investors and we’re hoping to close the new funding round during June,” says Porkka.