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Christmas is here again and I have to say many agree, it always surprises you in how quickly the year has gone. Without getting too sentimental, it’s been a great year for us. We’ve managed to hold 9 events in many of the Nordic and Baltic cities, break stories from the Nordics and Baltics globally and also push out a lot of news on an everyday basis to quench your thirst for startup news. I’d like to thank each and every one of you on behalf of the ArcticStartup team for reading our stories, attending our events, re-tweeting our stories and in general being part of the posse that’s creating a better ecosystem for entrepreneurship. You guys make this worthwhile!

However, Christmas time is also a time of giving. While many bootstrap and don’t exactly enjoy large amounts of liquidity, we can still help. Like before, I’d like to focus your attention to Kiva.org the website helping third world entrepreneurs through micro financing. It’s a great way to help out the societies elsewhere in the world and what’s best – through entrepreneurship.

If you fancy helping out the entrepreneurs in the third world like we did, join our community team in Kiva.org and take a few minutes to lend $25 USD or more.

Happy holidays!!!

ps. We’re enjoying a little time off with our families and relatives, but will be back for a few days after Christmas so don’t leave us altogether!

Photo by Darwin Bell

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