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MePIN Targets The Gaming Industry To Prevent Hacked Accounts

MePIN, a Helsinki-based specialist security provider, has now announced a multi-factor authentication system and user verification aimed at the gaming industry. Higher security features makes sense, people are putting more and more money into online gaming accounts, and a hacked game account could potentially destroy tens of hours of work.

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MePIN is available as either a smartphone app or a USB key. The solution is based on banking grade public key infrastructure, and it solves the problem of having to remember multiple passwords, or being a target for phishing and password hacking.

On a Smartphone, logging in with MePIN involves clicking a MePIN login button on a website which will provide you with an access code. You then plug that code into your smartphone, and then you’re immediately logged into the website or game.

According to a survey taken by the company, online gaming seems to be one big login security problem for consumers. Around 34% of gamers thought their account had been a target of hacking or phishing, 27% had forgotten or lost their login or password details, and 17% have stopped playing a game due to their lost password.

Already using the solution is Games-Masters.com, the publisher of the MMO Cabal.

Markku Mehtälä, CEO and co-founder of MePIN, said, “The online gaming market is immense and continues to experience huge growth, but security remains a major issue. We recognised this and have developed a product which addresses a number of key areas of concern for game operators; hacking and phishing, and increasing customer care costs when dealing with passwords. MePIN is a simple and secure service that can have an immediate impact on customer loyalty and trust.”

MePIN is funded by angel and seed investors from USA, Hong Kong and Finland, and supported by the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation.

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