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Last week, Open Coffee Club Vilnius together with partnerships from Sunrise Valley and Knowledge Economy Forum, organised a hectic, but fruitful one day event to get startups together with the top mentors in the country. MentoringDay, pulled together some 12 startups and 50 mentors to speed up business development.

The event had a lot of mentors and according to Rokas Tamošiūnas, one of the organizers, and a lot of potential mentors were unable to come to the event. Rokas Tamošiūnas also told us that there were some rumors that the event sparked more conversations between some mentors, who also act as angel investors, and startups the next morning.

All in all, the event in itself proves that there is a lot of will to spice up the startup ecosystem in Vilnius and Lithuania as a whole. The same group of people who organised MentoringDay also organised the second Startup Weekend in Europe in Vilnius earlier this year. Both of the events have been huge successes underlining the need of such events.

Rokas Tamošiūnas stated that there will be similar events in the future to enable better possibilities of success for startups in the Vilnius area. Rokas Tamošiūnas also mentioned of plans to kickstart a startup acceleration/bootcamp in Lithuania which would combine the successful elements of the events into a continuous program.

It’s great to see events such as MentoringDay taking place and attracting the interest it has attracted. Growth entrepreneurship is definitely making its way forward as a more acceptable way of life all over Northern Europe.

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