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Melt is a newly announced PHP Framework from Sweden. The framework has been coded by the team that was formerly known as Omnicloud, today the whole company has been renamed as Melt. The team includes Hannes Landeholm, Per Jonsson and Daniel Marklund. The same team is actually behind the web app Recurringly, which is still to be launched.

Per Jonsson, told me that they decided to code Melt, because they’ve had it with lousy web frameworks with “unintuitive, automagic behavior”. Another motivator for the framework was the need to pivot web apps. Per Jonsson states: “Products pivot and customer requirements change. We wanted a framework that would keep up with the speed of change and allow us to refactor in significantly less time than existing frameworks.”

Thought I’m not a developer myself, I asked Per Jonsson how the framework differs from others out there. The key differentiator seems to be that it has been created to fill the needs of real-world projects, especially startup projects with lean, customer development processes and needs to pivot.

Melt also uses a web-based unix-like console as an interface between the programmer and the framework. According to Per Jonssson, “This allows programmers on all levels to to quickly interact with the framework for rapid prototyping, simple maintenance and access to other development widgets.”

Jonsson and the team behind Melt would like as many developers in the Northern European startup community on board to help them take the project further. Below is a little screencast explaining the setup of the framework.